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Unsere Häuser sind für "Touristen mieten", zwei werden von Alberto und drei von Marzia verwaltetShort historical summary

La Gabola is originally called "podere". In ancient times, this "PODERIES" had a personal name, and where inhabited by so many families of share-croppers and farmers. These "poderi" belonged to bailiffs, who lived in beautiful residencies. The name of this ancient house is "Podernuovo".
Our “podere” belonged to a bailiff who lived in a villa in Manzano, a village in the neighbourhood. You surely will see it in the course of your trips. We found first tracks on cadastral maps, about this little “podere” in the beginning of 1400, when two little rooms already existed, which, in the course of time, this house has been changed and widened for the demands of those people who lived in there.


This house is historic important because it was one of those which belonged to the connection of Grand Duke Leopoldo's reclamation. In fact, we found its trace in some scripts and paintings and in specific books, too.
A little part of the main-house is called in local language "stufa". Originally it was used as a dryer for tobacco-leaves. Later on its destination was a granary and also a horse-stable. Nowadays it is a comfortable and beautiful holiday resort.

About us

Our houses are for "tourist rent", two are managed by Alberto and three by Marzia. Here are the origin family activies: Mirella and Alberto are possessing a barber-shop in the center of Montecchio, not far away from the estate. Marzia is an artist, therefore she deals with her activities of making mosaics fromout of glass-ceramics. Massimo runs a parquetry-workshop.

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