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La Gabolina

It is placed near the pool and was built in ancient time. The furniture of this little and independent house are antique. Particular for this house is one of the two bedrooms is very big.

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La Turata

"La Turata" is the youngest house buildet on the estate. But never the less this tiny house was constructed by the owner with much passion and love. It is a pretty independent house located in acentral position because it nearby the pool. It is furnished in Tuscan style and simplicity, it’s not spacious, but complete equipped and functioning.

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La Sofia

Bright apartment adjacent to the house "Selene", with two independent entrances. Beautified in details and furnished with old furniture, it benefits of a favorable position. Additional value of the house is the presence of one bathroom inside one of the two double bedrooms.

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La Selene

It is the biggest rent house of the farm. It is adjacent to the house “Sofia” and has two levels, with a nice personal porch which is located in the centre of structure. It is fascinating and well-furnished compared with the furniture of the other houses.

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La Gabola

Small and comfortable, the farmhouse is restructured and furnished with old furniture. It is adjacent to the owners farmhouse. The moderate charm and simplicity of this little house is bound to the landscape. La Gabola is the first house which was restructured in the estate and gave its name Gabola.

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Facilities - Activity - Courses

The farm is supplied with a pool in a quite place, which is surrounded with olive-trees and hedges. Near the poolside we offer a little playing-area for children and a porch with tables and chairs for relax.

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